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Key Characteristic of LiFePO4

Highly Stable

Unlike other batteries, LiFePO4 battery is environmental friendly, without overheated and explosion concern. Excellent cycle life and high C-rate discharge.

Widely Used

All products of LynoPower have passed United States UL certification. With unique features ofhigh C-rate discharge,multi-series & parallel-configuration, LynoPower can provide clients a variety of energy-and power-type battery cells, customize design battery packs, widely using in electric vehicles, electric boats, solar power and UPS applications.

Trend of the Future

Energy depletion and high oil prices has become the norm, electric vehicles to replace conventional petroleum vehicle trends already established; thus, LiFePO4 battery is highly demanded. LynoPower ‘s core technology is leading in battery business, has the advantage to become the world largest battery cell, pack and module supplier.

Advantages In R&D And Production

Environmental and Lower cost manufacturing process The Water base is adopted in Cell production No pollution and even cost saving rather than Organic Solvents base. Multi series and parallel configuration In coping with market demand in high power EV, we developed and fully supporting our client cell and modules with:

  • Good consistency
  • Multi series and parallel configuration
  • Completely integrate with power module

Advanced Power management system With know how in key component and core battery management system, therefore, the best performance of the high power battery modules will be achieved. Well and sound R&D Team

  • Well educated R&D Team in cell and module manufacturing.
  • Well educated BMS Tem for supporting the battery module.
  • Fully supporting in fast charge and high capacity

Product advantages

1. No pollution and no toxicity (SGS certified) 2. Pass the EU environmental criteria of secondary cells(RoHS solution) 3. With safety、stable in high degree environment(UL and CE certified) 4. No firing、no explosion as over-charging, heating, shortage or collision by external force 5. Small size, light weight, high energy density(more than 150mAh /g) 6. High power output performance(over 8C discharge rate) 7. Wide range working temperature range(-40℃〜80℃) 8. Long cycle life(over 2,000 full-cycle) 9. No memory effect 10. Short charging time(reach 80% capacity in 15 mins.)

Comparisons Among Major Secondary Cells

Lead- Acid Ni-Cd Ni-MH LiCoO2/C LiMn2O4/C LiFePO4/C
Nominal Voltage (V) 2 1.2 1.2 3.7 3.7 3.2V
Highest Operating Temp. (°C) 75 40 40 65 50 80
Lowest Operating Temp. (°C) -20 -20 -20 -20 -20 -20
Volumetric Energy Density (Wh/L) 100 150 250 430 400 400
Gravimetric Energy Density (Wh/Kg) 30 50 100 190 160 150
Power (w/kg) 300 190 200 430 430 430
Cycle Life (times) 400 500 500 500~800 500~800 2000
Life Time (1 cycle/day) 1.5 2 2 2 2 5.5
Energy Efficiency (%) 60 75 70 90 80 95
Charging Time (h) 8 1.5 4 4 4 1.5
Memory Effect No Yes Yes No No No
Self Discharge Rate (% per month) -20 -30 -35 -10 -10  -1
Meet RoHS No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Environmental friendliness Lead pollution Cadmium contamination Yes Yes Yes Yes
Safety Potential hazard of  explosions Fair Fair Potential hazard of  explosions Potential hazard of explosions Excellent