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Professional LiFePO4 Battery-Cell Manufacturing

LynoPower holds the key of developing green new energy and electric vehicle battery module development, by using LiFePO4 and related materials, with the most advanced technology to manufacture lithium iron batteries cells, then assemble into battery modules, and be able to integrate the battery module application, LynoPower is the most forward-looking battery manufacturer at Taiwan.

Company Name: Lyno Power Technology
Headquarter: No.6, Ln. 740, Gaoshi Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City 326, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Contact No.:+886 34753658

Email: sales@lynopower.com

Website: www.lynopower.com


2006 Lanyang Technology was established in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, “Lanyang”, which representing the Chairman’s home town. In 2006, the Company set up laboratory and conducted small scale cell-test production.

2007 Set up factory in Dongguan, starting to manufacture battery cell – for the types of 2Ah、3Ah、4Ah、5Ah、10Ah cell etc..


-Successfully produced 7Ah、10Ah、15Ah、20Ah、30Ah LiFePo4 Cell

Obtained ISO 9001 certification and UL approval

Raised capitals and started Lanyang Energy Technology Corporation in Taiwan, to integrate the production and sales.

2009 Successfully created power battery module for electronic vehicle.

2010 Successfully created power battery module for hybrid bus.


-Set up facility in Yangmei, Taiwan.

Successfully hand in power battery pack which has passed the high power battery test approved by USDDC to our client for hybrid catamaran- the first ever been launched in Sun-Moon Lake in the Southeast Asia.

2012 Accomplished the second set of power battery pack for hybrid catamaran. At the same year, expand our customer territory to the energy storage field.

2013 Provide power battery pack for E-Sports car and demo during the APEC meeting in Bali. Fulfilled the Chungwha Telecom power backup project.

2014 Brand new 12V6Ah LiFePO4 motorcycle starter battery with exclusive internal design and massive reduce at cost has launched.

2015 LiFePO4 12V12Ah, 12V10Ah and 12V25Ah coming soon.

2016年 浙江湖洲成立「浙江蘭陽科技有限公司」推廣大陸首家鋰鐵電池


2019年 成立「蘭能科技有限公司」除佈建鋰鐵電池於台灣機汽車通路外,


2020年 7A / 7A+ / 7B / 7B+ / 12A / 5L / 5L+陸續上市!!!!

Lyno Power 代表一acceptable & Green、Safe、Durable 三大訴求宗旨,帶給消費者一個「超級平價」且擁有環保/安全/節能的舒適享受。