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Joseph Chuang – CEO

Mr. Chuang is the Board Chairman and CEO of Lanyang Technology. He graduated from Lan Yang Institute of Technology. He brings more than 30 years of experience and leadership in manufacturing operation. Applying his expertise to Lanyang Technology, Mr. Chuang has led the company from its founding in 2006 to become one of the successful LiFePO4 battery cell maker in the world

Expertise: Manufacturing and production management of lithium-iron battery
Experience: CEO of Lanja, Quan Yang Technology and Lyno Power Technology


Dr. Wei-Ming Hung – Vice President of R&D

Dr. Hung is the Vice President of R&D in Lanyang Technology. He graduated from Iowa State University with the Doctor’s degree in Chemistry. With both academic achievement and more than 15 years experience in managing the electronic power system, Dr. Hung has helped Lyno Power to turn all the idea to products with his team in Lanyang Technology

Expertise: Materials development, battery design, battery manufacturing technology and management.
Experience: Industrial Technology Research Institute, Pacific Energy Technology, Pihsiang Energy Technology