• LiFePO4 Storage system for Solar/smart grid or industrial UPS
    Compensate the intermittency of your solar system/ Smoothlise the PV voltage fluctuation/ Enables to self-consume your solar PV produce
  • NEW! LiFePO4 12V6AH Portable Battery
    ▌Ultra lightweight/small ▌Fast charging within 1-2hours ▌CB Certified ▌longest warranty on market
  • NEW! LiFePO4 12V5AH Motorcycle Starter battery
    ▌Ultra lightweight/small ▌Eco-friendly ▌Compliance with IEC62133&UN38.3 ▌Competitive price ▌Gas-saving ▌Long cycle life


LYNO-POWER holds the key of developing green new energy and electric vehicle battery module development, by using LiFePO4 and related materials, with the most advanced technology to manufacture lithium iron batteries cells, then assemble into battery modules, and be able to integrate the battery module application, LynoPower is the most forward-looking battery manufacturer at Taiwan.