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NEW! LiFePO4 12V6AH Portable Battery

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Comparisons between Lead acid, Li-ion and LiFePO4

Lead Acid Li-ion LiFePO4
Weight 3-5kg 450-800g 780g


One year

6 months guarantee

3-5 years

3 months guarantee

3-5 years

One year guarantee

Safety -Lead pollution

– With acid leaking possibility

-Require special recycle

-Potential hazard of explosion and fire

-Mostly assembled by second grade battery cells

-Very stable, no hazard of fire nor explosion

-Lyno Power is in the manufacture business of LiFePO4 since 2006. We produce our high quality cells instead of purchase B grade cells

-In compliance with CB

Price Cheap Acceptable Reasonable

Lyno Power back up battery pack includes:

LiFePO4 battery*1/waterproof pouch*1/15V3A charger*1



/Handle with cares

/Do not short the terminal together

/Do not open or damage the battery case

/Use only with the Lithium charger

/Stop and remove the battery under unsualu circumstances

/Keep out of reach of children


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